Wednesday, 10 May 2017


 New crush alert = anything fluffy

Since my last post on everyday jewellery, I bought myself a new ring and then somehow on my walk from work to home I bloody lost it didn't I!
Anyway it's getting colder in my neck of the woods so this is a very timely crush (aren't they all).

This post won't be for everyone. Exibit A: my housemate saw my latest instagram and was like "oh you didn't buy the knit with the fury arms did you, I hate that".
But whatevs Inga, I love that knit and I will wear it despite you!

tip1: all the colours, but never all at once
tip2: don't invest - this trend won't stay
tip3: embrace the fluff, yolo?

This is really just a fun post and a fun crush so who cares what you look like in a pom pom knit, if you love it - you'll rock it.

Here are some of my favourites:

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