Friday, 6 February 2015

the blanket cape

Blanket + Cape. Two words that were made for each other.

I could actually leave this blog post at that really but I'll continue for my own sake just because I want to continue rambling on about why I love this genius invention! Mainly it's because it means I can go out in public wrapped in a blanket without committing social suicide - winning!

I've always been a fan of the cape (especially for winter) and ever since Chloe featured their version of the blanket cape last year I've noticed other brands have released their versions (or copies).  See below.

Chloe pre fall 2014:


And even Asos have their own version of a blanket cape, which seems to resemble the Burberry capes of 2014...

Burberry Autumn/Winter 2014

So bring on the colder weather so I can rug up in my blanket cape :)