Thursday, 3 September 2015

pumpkin orange

So Spring has sprung and I'm in the mood for a little bit of colour.

It has been an exciting past few weeks as I finally left the nest and moved out! I've moved away from my family home into an apartment in the city with two girl friends. My list making obsession really paid off and the pros definitely out weighed the cons. I never thought I'd become so excited about rubbish bins and kettles!

But that aside - when I transferred my clothes from A to B I noticed that everything was basically black white or grey. I love colour and I even surprised myself that there was so little of it. So a new colour crush has slowly been brewing and I've called it pumpkin orange. It is basically just orange just less fluro and more well.. pumpkin

It looks amazing with white and even better with denim. Definitely going to be a dominant colour in the coming warmer months. It's actually really easy to wear because everyone can do it, even if it is just that fluffy pom pom on your handbag.

So I've decided that I need more pumpkin in my wardrobe and less in my risotto!