Friday, 24 April 2015

how many colours is too many?

I was recently told some eye opening news - not in a particularly friendly way might I add - I was told that I was wearing too many colours.

It had never occurred to me that one could wear too many colours, well yes it has because I'm obviously not going to dress as if I'm going to a rubik cube party - but my point is how many colours is too many?

On that day I was wearing denim jeans, black boots, a grey knit over a white shirt and then a burgundy scarf. To be fair I probably was wearing too many colours, but I had no idea I was breaking an unwritten rule. Apparently, according to this nutty lady, one must only wear three colours at a time. 

Ever since this day I have been conscious about my colour choices. As much as I hate to say it, this nutter had a point. As I scroll through photos on Pinterest I notice that these fashionistas are never wearing more than 3 colours. I actually found it hard to find an outfit with numerous colours.

How many colours are you wearing?

I managed to find an outfit with multiple colours. I think she makes this outfit work even though she is technically breaking the unwritten rule, but weren't rules made to be broken? I don't know who told me that, it definitely wasn't my mother!