Monday, 18 May 2015


'Travelwear' aka Airport style. Yes this is a thing.
For me travelling has always been a favourite, not just for the destination but for the experiences in between. Yes I'm talking about the free eye mask and moist towelettes.

In exactly 14 days my friend and I will be jet setting off to Ireland, England, Spain, Portugal and Italy. For the past 2 months I have basically been thinking and deciding on what to wear on the aeroplane. My work friends will tell you that everything I buy is "for the plane".

The airport is one part of travelling where you can't look like a local. So one must adopt their own style and follow the trends and tips for 'travel wear'.
Which I believe are as follows:

1. Wear your heaviest or biggest shoes on the plane. No, I don't mean those clogs or flatforms but your  sneakers or boots.

2. scarf will be your best friend. It will fulfil your every need. It will do its duty as a scarf and also act as blanket when wrapped around you. Then rolled up it will take the form of a pillow. It will also catch all that falling food from the pathetic plastic excuse of a fork. It will act as a light switch when all you want is some darkness. It will also take the form of your perfect man and I'm just kidding but fly without a scarf and you won't be laughing.

3. You WILL need comfy pants. Under the umbrella of comfy pants comes - nike leggings (or any leggings for that matter black or grey. None of this printed tie dye shit). - attractive track pant (preferably a dark colour because good luck getting that greasy chicken stain off light pants when that turbulence kicks in). - baggy jeans (seriously don't wear skinny jeans).

4. Layers will be your new favourite word. From leaving Tasmania to arriving at your destination you will experience multiple temperature fluctuations. Getting on the plane is normally a hot flush as you're excited but trying not to bump the person in front of you. Then when you finally work out if you have a window or aisle seat you will need to take your first layer off as you don't want to be all caught up and flustered, and you will want a spare layer for when you have a cold flush (which will be after the first meal and you feel settled enough to watch a movie but you're half way through and you realise that you don't even like the movie and that you're cold). Then you sit down and realise that you want to set yourself up, so first you unpack your magazine and water and put it in the seat pocket in front, then you want to get your book out as well and then maybe some lollies and oh wait maybe some gum too. Then you put your bag back under the seat and start to play with the screen in front of you *oooh it's free, oh wait - there's the credit card slot, oh but the guy next to me seems to be listening to music how did he do that? Oh wait that's from the arm rest*. Then you will get the "excuse me, I think you're meant to be sitting in 15A not 15D." So yeh you will need layers for your hot flushes.

5. You will also need the biggest handbag/tote bag you can find. This will be your second suitcase. You will put your valuables such as electronic equipment and a spare outfit just in case your suitcase goes missing. I don't even want to imagine the consequences.

This seems to have been a long blog post so I'll stop there and show you some of my favourite 'travel wear':