Tuesday, 7 November 2017


I'm just going to move on from the fact that I haven't done a blog post since MAY.

I'm fine thank you- no personal dramas or social media 'break'. I am back with my newest obsession - shells.

Yes I'm talking about seashells. This is the perfect little obsession for summer. I have kicked off my obsession with a seashell glasses chain for your sunglasses (see photo below). Hear me out.

Yes daggy old virgins wear these around their neck so their glasses are readily available at all times, but just think on Saturday afternoon freshly sunkissed from a day at the beach, then straight to an outdoor bar for cocktails with your sunglasses hanging around your neck. No?

My personal fav is a little DIY. Collecting shells from the beach with the little hole already naturally there and making your own bling. This brings back memories as a kid, using dads fluro measuring string to make necklaces with either a single shell, or if you were lucky enough to find a heap of shells (preferably the same size) to make a bulky back to back bracelet. So funky.

This probably won't be a huge take off trend, but it will be a little hobby for me over the summer. I shall keep my eyes peeled for creative shell accessories that I can make and wear, and I think you should too.