Tuesday, 20 December 2016

the mid heel, again

So this is my 40th blog post and two years of footprintsinflorence.

So after my bad mood this morning, that food has not suprisingly managed to fix, I am feeling much more motivated.
I have also just discovered something that is better than a Fererro Rocher - its brother Ferrero Rondnoir. Seriously you must try it - tis the season.

Now as it is my 40th post I thought that it would be acceptable to repeat myself. Also I should add that as my blog is called footprintsinflorence it is only fitting that I talk about shoes right?
 In August 2014 I wrote about the mid heel, and now I'm going to write about them again. When I wrote in 2014 it was to do with one pair of shoes in particular, where as now I'm talking about them as a whole.

You can be standing dancing for hours.

Your feet won't ache.

You can walk faster.

You won't feel uber dressed up.

You can walk dance ankle-roll free.

You won't feel like a giareffeesk giant like I do in super high heels *but note to self must find tall man asap so I can wear super high high heels and feel giraffe free.


Here are some of my favourites with their links:

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