Monday, 15 September 2014

leafy green

Let's just start this off with a nice and simple topic of green leaves. Thoughts?

In all honesty the idea of eating a healthy salad just bores me to tears, I mean plain green leaves with olive oil on them... well not even olive oil because god forbid that might too fatty... come on! Yes okay maybe I haven't experienced a yummy healthy salad yet, but I would much rather eat something that I actually enjoy than get bits of leafy greeness stuck in my teeth. Am I alone here?

Alrighty so now that we have established that I don't like to eat green leaves - I very much like the idea of wearing them!
Lately I've been noticing that the 'leafy print' has nudged its way into stores and I like it!
It's a little something different than the standard tropical or floral print.
The banana leaf seems to be the most dominant but who knows maybe the fern print or cactus print might grow popular.

This print not only looks great on clothes, but also on accessories or cushions would be cute for the spring months.

I have attached some of my favourites: