Thursday, 17 December 2015

shades of blue

What else is there to do when you have heat dehydration, from getting too sunburnt and not drinking enough water, and are stuck in bed for the day, than to write a blog post!

I could do a big december post on what a great year it's been but you could probably read that on every second blog out there. So I've decided to do another colour crush. This month I'm going to go with a shades of blue, but very specific ones. 

limpet shell blue, serenity blue, snorkel blue, indigo blue

These shades of blue all sound ridiculous but they do put an image in your head of the exact colour. agreed? I mean we could just keep going and say 'IKEA bag blue' or 'Mitre 10 blue'...

Blue has that feeling of relaxation and calmness and during the silly season it's the best time of year to take some time out to relax and regenerate.

So next time you're out Christmas shopping keep an eye out for different shades of blue. Let me know if you come across of any other shades I should know about. 

Also a side note - have you noticed that you rarely see any blue cutlery or crockery? Apparently it is because blue is a de appetising colour so it sends your hungry feelings away (well so they say)!

ps: now go and drink a big glass of water because being dehydrated sucks.