Wednesday, 31 May 2017

five winter fabs

five winter fabs
1. mocha - my new fav. Ignore the 'seriously' look from the barista because this combo of a hot chocolate and coffee is the best invention ever. Heck - order a large it's the first day of bloody Winter!
2. the hair tuck - tis the season. If you don't know what this is - be educated here.
3. dark nails - this is your chance to embrace your dark side. I'd opt for a deep red over a black but whatever suits your soul (I'm an Aries).
4. sparkly socks - this is on my 'to buy' list and seeing as it's June 1, imma head on over to Gorman and cross that off my list.
5. hot ted - your bed time routine isn't complete without warming up hot ted in the microwave as a cosy snuggle buddy. Judge as much as you like but a heat pack in the shape of a teddy = instant sweet dreams.


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