Wednesday, 16 March 2016


So when I told my housemate I was going todo my blog post on black, she was like "whattt that's boring", but little does she know that I'm secretly in love with black at the moment and now I feel obliged to prove that black is in no way boring!

slimming / elegant / sexy / easy to wear / suits everyone / goes with everything / timeless, 
etc etc, you all know this, this is common knowledge, pretty sure it's the dictionary definition.

I have decided to wear more black. Not every day, just more often.

 My mum always told me to wear more colour and don't get me wrong I love wearing colour - always good to stand out in a crowd, "See that girl in the orange top?".
Whereas now I will be more mysterious "See that girl in the black jumper?" "No!"

So I will be pairing black with black and black this winter, and then maybe a tiny bit of colour somewhere as I will probably have colour withdrawals. 

Here are some of my favourites: