Tuesday, 20 December 2016

the mid heel, again

So this is my 40th blog post and two years of footprintsinflorence.

So after my bad mood this morning, that food has not suprisingly managed to fix, I am feeling much more motivated.
I have also just discovered something that is better than a Fererro Rocher - its brother Ferrero Rondnoir. Seriously you must try it - tis the season.

Now as it is my 40th post I thought that it would be acceptable to repeat myself. Also I should add that as my blog is called footprintsinflorence it is only fitting that I talk about shoes right?
 In August 2014 I wrote about the mid heel, and now I'm going to write about them again. When I wrote in 2014 it was to do with one pair of shoes in particular, where as now I'm talking about them as a whole.

You can be standing dancing for hours.

Your feet won't ache.

You can walk faster.

You won't feel uber dressed up.

You can walk dance ankle-roll free.

You won't feel like a giareffeesk giant like I do in super high heels *but note to self must find tall man asap so I can wear super high high heels and feel giraffe free.


Here are some of my favourites with their links:

 Here are just some more favs 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

the eye

Those who know me know that I am a list maker and every weekend guaranteed 'write blog post' in on my list. But then the weekend happens, alcohol happens, hangover happens and I'm back to where I started. But for reals I am writing this blog post now.

I don't know why I haven't written about this before but eyes, I have a total love of eyes. Okay that sounded better in my head but hear me out. I'm mainly talking about accessories but clothes too.

 All throughout history the eye has been symbolised differently in different cultures but it can be concluded that they all have something in common, in that the eye is used as a force to watch over humanity. Woah your essay writing days are over Stella, but as a fellow history student this is interesting no?

I would say that I am a somewhat superstitious person but the history of the Greek evil eye is fascinating. This curse is transmitted when someone gives you 'the evil eye' wishing misfortune and illhealth upon you. The Greeks protect themselves from this by keeping some sort of eyeball symbol close to them either in the home or workplace or in a piece of jewellery. It is meant to stare back to the world to ward off the evil eye curse.

My old faithful wallet from A-ESQUE is probably my favourite - eyelashes included. I think when anything has a face on it it just reminds me of a little friend. Lame but true.

Anyway they have been catching my eye alot recently (hehe). These photos will help you understand:


This is old faithful from Aesque.


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

the work shoe

As I sit here at my desk making paper airplanes from my fluro sticky notes, I want to tell you about my latest struggle - finding work shoes.
When you work in a political office like I do, there is a certain unwritten shoe code.

Now this blog post isn't just for my political office friends, but for all my aspiring lawyer friends, endeavouring medical friends (although not sure how well these shoes will look with scrubs), my fellow office friends and well anyone else who cares.
Now not everyone has the same taste, but follow my lead and hopefully you don't get lost down pleather path.

So basically here are your options:
Invest: if you're stingy just quit this page now. These are the shoes you will be wearing full time. Standing, sitting, running, pacing. You will have good days and shit days in these shoes. They need to be able to last and your feet need to be comfortable. Also if your office is carpet like mine you don't want that plastic queef sound with every step...comprende.
The loafer: This is actually what I'm wearing right now. Although they can be seen as a little daggy to the untrained eye, these are a handy throw on shoe, great with cropped pants or a skirt.

 The ankle boot: Now as we know it is getting warmer so I probably wouldn't recommend purchasing boots now, but if you already have some in good condition (and not worn out to a dj set with artists making pottery for you to then tread through for rest of the night, like I did) feel free to add them to your work shoe collection.
The heel - Although perhaps not worn every day, a heeled shoe is necessary. It instantly makes you look and feel more professional, and let’s be honest some days a confidence boost couldn't hurt.

 The flat: This is probably a shoe we all probably already own. A ballet flat is always a good staple, except when I wear mine I tend to feel uber religious, especially if worn with a skirt. I would recommend a brogue or even a slip on mule. Still profesh yet still on trend. Key.
The sandal: Sounds daggy, but come on there are so many cute dressy sandals perfect for the office. I'm not talking the Sandler/hush puppy/breathable type, but the fun colourful, fringed or slip on type. Now if Birkenstocks came to mind in this section that is a definite no no for the office - I know, I'm sorry.

Don't be afraid to steer away from black either! I know it's hard, I'm struggling also. But I have my eye on some green suede sandals...why not hey.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

august favs

As I type this I am lying on my balcony in my doona bed. A little cold, but nothing that a cup of tea and a bagel can't fix. 
Defs be doing this again in summer. I mean look how inviting it looks!

Been a while since I've done a blog post. I can't believe I missed June, and then July flew buy and now its bloody August!  -Mid year resolution: will keep blog up to date.

This post is a basically a little snapshot of my current August favourites:

plants - indoor and outdoor
frills - any clothing with frilly layers or drop hems
daffodils - weird obsession 
circles - mainly accessories

Can I just add that is is so nice to wake up on a Sunday and not feel hungover! 

Friday, 27 May 2016


If you didn't already know, May has vanished and I have a new job in a political office. My fancy title is 'executive assistant'. Now I wouldn't call myself a political person, but I'm trying. I have even downloaded the ABC News app to listen to in the morning. Go me.

So basically I now have to wear corporate clothes. I was thrilled to have a new job, but lets be serious, one major bonus was a new wardrobe. But as you'll find out, workwear and I aren't the best of friends. 

I will now share with you my struggles of work wear:

  Firstly work pants - disaster. What I ideally want is a pair of long skinny work pants, but as a tall bum heavy woman, this is difficult. My major issue was the length. Everything was bloody cropped and by cropped I mean too short. Like too short that I can't even wear ankle boots too short. But I have over come this with loafers/ballet shoes. 
Another work pant issue was the 'bootleg' cut, when it claims to be skinny. I know different fabric is used, but come on, how hard can it be to find a skinny leg work pant that is actually tight around the ankle. (Asos Tall helped me there FYI).

Secondly the blouse - also a nightmare. My issue is that it sticks to me. No matter what the fabric, it is never a good look to have a top that is statically stuck to you. Haha I've just googled 'statically' to check the spelling and this was the definition = "(of an electric charge) having gathered on an object that cannot conduct a current."
This is so correct. My blouse was so stuck to my body that no current could be conducted! These are the things they don't tell you on the care label - Will stick to your body when static. My issue was that it's winter so I need to wear a coat to work, which means that when walking I warm up and when I take the coat off, it's like peeling the skin off a grape. So then I sit down at my chair and with my back against the chair it is stopping the 'current' and my blouse sticks better than a boogie to your finger.

Now this is not a good look when you have a white blouse and tight black pants as one gets a muffin. Now when the top is flowy, no muffin in sight, but when it's static, its like a bakery. 

Thirdly - Underwear. This is a real struggle as a VPL (visible panty line) is a no no in the office. So I've taken to a g string or the 'skimpy cut'. However when one is sitting down majority of the day it's quite possible that you might be cut in half, if you get my drift. I'm yet to master this. I will report back.

Now I'll leave you with that wonderful thought and show you some of my favourite workwear styles: 

Friday, 29 April 2016

the clip

April has been basically a dud month. Nothing really exciting happened. Well that's not true. I have accepted a new job offer, which is very exciting. Apart from that though.. my love life has gone to sludge and uni has gone into stressful mode.
Bloody bring on May I say.

Before I head in the direction of a small disaster, I'll tell you about my little fashion obsession this month - hair clips aka 'the clip'.

No, not the mini butterfly ones we had in the 90s, but the big tortoiseshell 'claw clip' ones.

My mum has always worn them, and I used to associate them with older women. Now this is not the case. My housemate has one and wears it all the time. So what better way to test them out, then to borrow theirs!

If you have thick hair like me, then size does matter, the bigger the better.

If you have thin hair then you're in luck, because you can experiment with all sizes.

Without taking photos of my Mum and my housemate, this look was very hard to find photos of, so
I've also included some hairstyles which I think could benefit with 'the clip'.

My favourite one - check it out
Here's me wearing 'the clip'