Tuesday, 22 November 2016

the eye

Those who know me know that I am a list maker and every weekend guaranteed 'write blog post' in on my list. But then the weekend happens, alcohol happens, hangover happens and I'm back to where I started. But for reals I am writing this blog post now.

I don't know why I haven't written about this before but eyes, I have a total love of eyes. Okay that sounded better in my head but hear me out. I'm mainly talking about accessories but clothes too.

 All throughout history the eye has been symbolised differently in different cultures but it can be concluded that they all have something in common, in that the eye is used as a force to watch over humanity. Woah your essay writing days are over Stella, but as a fellow history student this is interesting no?

I would say that I am a somewhat superstitious person but the history of the Greek evil eye is fascinating. This curse is transmitted when someone gives you 'the evil eye' wishing misfortune and illhealth upon you. The Greeks protect themselves from this by keeping some sort of eyeball symbol close to them either in the home or workplace or in a piece of jewellery. It is meant to stare back to the world to ward off the evil eye curse.

My old faithful wallet from A-ESQUE is probably my favourite - eyelashes included. I think when anything has a face on it it just reminds me of a little friend. Lame but true.

Anyway they have been catching my eye alot recently (hehe). These photos will help you understand:


This is old faithful from Aesque.