Wednesday, 27 August 2014

the mid heel

Ooo aren't you lucky two blog posts in a month! My new favourite thing just happens to be a pair of heels, well actually 'the mid heel'.

Now if you're 5ft11 like me then wearing heels can sometimes be a struggle. Don't get me wrong I love wearing heels... I just feel like a giant when I do. It also doesn't help that my closest friends all seem to be about 5ft5! So for an on looker I must look like the mother giraffe with all her giraffelings (must be a word). 
Previously I had connected this type heel with kitten heels (which ain't nobody got time for), however thankfully the mid heel is different. 

So long story short, I have discovered the answer to my giant problems (get it?!) and it comes in the form of the Trenery Alicia Mid Heel Sandal. This classic and affordable shoe comes in black and tan, and is suitable for all ages, even my mum considered buying them!

 They have a flattering cut and the wooden heel is what makes them look trendy and expensive. The block heel actually makes these shoes wearable and sturdy enough to stand for the whole night. 

Great with jeans for a casual girls lunch, or perfect with a dress for a birthday or event. 

I have attached some of my images below:

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

pastel blue

Recently it seems all my eyes are seeing is pastels, and no not the chalks that you draw with, but the colours! So of course my new colour crush = pastel blue

I love writing my monthly post because there is no word limit. This past week I have written three 500 word essays on big significant topics. Which is actually a lot harder than it sounds as condensing your argument into 500 words is a very difficult task, see now even writing all this I've written 87 words. Happy rambling for me!

When you type pastel blue into google a bunch of tacky images come up. Blue hair has got to be the most hideous trend, it does not suit anyone, not even an avatar, hence why they have dark hair (I know this I looked it up)!

Anyway here are a few reasons why I am loving pastel blue:

Reason 1: It can be worn all year round, yes really
Reason 2: It goes with all hair types (except for blue *read above)
Reason 3: You can actually wear light denim and it be classified as pale blue, sneaky!
Reason 4: It is a perfect colour to break up a monochrome outfit.
Reason 5: I know I say this every post but if a pale blue coat isn't your thing then a hand bag or blue    nails will always count as your contribution to the pastel world.