Wednesday, 12 August 2015

the leather jacket

This is something that has been on my 'to find' list for a few months now and as I’ve been told I can be pretty impatient (especially whilst driving!) so finally finding this was very exciting. As you can probably tell from the title I’m talking about a leather jacket.

When I went to Europe in June I thought perhaps I would find it in Spain or Italy, but their styles were too plain Jane and weren't what I was looking for. I was after a motor bike style but with less chunky detailing. 

Everyone definitely needs a leather jacket in their wardrobe and I can't believe I haven't owned one before now! The more I ask around I notice that majority of my friends own one and wear them all year around. They are the perfect transitional piece from day to night, from winter to summer, from jeans to a dress.

Now you're probably assuming that my jacket is black... and you're right! I do love the tan ones and even the dark green ones but well black is black - also black is boring said no woman ever!

So I went to Melbourne last week to surprise my Aunty for her birthday and of course as you do in Melbourne, you do a bit of shopping. I found my jacket in Nique. It's a gorgeous soft buttery black leather with black hardware. Nique is also an Australian brand based in Melbourne, so I think its always good to support local buisnesses. I do love the West 14th ones and the Nicholas ones, but they are right up there in price and when you’re just about to move out of home like I am, those jackets are literally 2 months rent! 

I think it was meant to be - me finding this jacket - because it was the last one there, in my size and it was on sale and then I found $50 in the pocket (the last part isn't true!). 

So lets cut this short - here are some of my favourite ways to wear 'the leather jacket':