Saturday, 24 January 2015


If you told me last year that my new colour crush for Autumn/Winter15 would be burgundy I would have probably told you that my love for burgundy was nearly on par with my love for purple = non existent! However over the past few weeks this colour has been catching my eye both online and in the shops.

Burgundy - Maroon - Oxblood - Damson (whatever you want to call it) is think is going to be very dominant in my wardrobe over the upcoming Autumn and Winter months. Winter fashion excites me greatly and there is nothing better than a new colour to give your classic black, navy and greys a new lease of life.

If you want to slowly introduce burgundy into your wardrobe I would suggest a scarf or even a clutch  (fur optional - but highly recommended). 
If you want to take it up a notch then maybe a pair of shoes either in the form of a sandal or a boot. Or perhaps both?
And if you're feeling really brave then I would totally recommend the cropped fur coat, I mean if we can't wear these things when we have the confidence to then when can we? If you think the fur is too much and possibly too bulky for your wardrobe then take a look at these photos below and perhaps it's time the Kathmandu puffer jacket was compressed down into the hood where it belongs. 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

the white sneaker

Welcome to 2015!

I can't believe its been a year since I started my blog. Hasn't time flown!

This is the year for fun fresh fashion and what better way to start the year with a comfy, affordable and snazzy trend - the white sneaker.

Who would have thought that back in the day we were forced to wear white sneakers to school (much to our horror), and they have never really gone out of fashion - to a certain extent. 

Sneakers at my school went through many phases. When I was in Primary school as long as you didn't have plain white velcro shoes then you were safe. Oh and the curly laces were definitely a must have. Then in middle school Dunlop Volleys were all the rage. I think every kid had at least two pairs. Then in high school it was the fluro Nikes and at Uni it was the black Nikes. And now I think that the white sneaker has reemerged (minus the velcro).

Whether they be flatform, hightop, adidas or nike they actually give any outfit an element of relaxed chic. So I think it's time the white sneaker stepped out and put its right foot forward!

So here are a few of my favourite ways to wear them: