Friday, 29 April 2016

the clip

April has been basically a dud month. Nothing really exciting happened. Well that's not true. I have accepted a new job offer, which is very exciting. Apart from that though.. my love life has gone to sludge and uni has gone into stressful mode.
Bloody bring on May I say.

Before I head in the direction of a small disaster, I'll tell you about my little fashion obsession this month - hair clips aka 'the clip'.

No, not the mini butterfly ones we had in the 90s, but the big tortoiseshell 'claw clip' ones.

My mum has always worn them, and I used to associate them with older women. Now this is not the case. My housemate has one and wears it all the time. So what better way to test them out, then to borrow theirs!

If you have thick hair like me, then size does matter, the bigger the better.

If you have thin hair then you're in luck, because you can experiment with all sizes.

Without taking photos of my Mum and my housemate, this look was very hard to find photos of, so
I've also included some hairstyles which I think could benefit with 'the clip'.

My favourite one - check it out
Here's me wearing 'the clip'