Monday, 6 February 2017

the square neck

Yeah yeah Happy New Year and all that jazz.
Now moving on. February is under way and I have a new fashion crush - the square neckline. 
Yesterday all my online orders arrived at once (retail therapy on point) and ironically two things had a square neckline and it got me thinking.
My first purchase was a khaki linen dress from St Agni and the second was a white bell sleeve top from Celeste Tesoriero. Love. Either in a top or a dress this is definitely a fun trend. Although all these photos below are summer themed, you could definitely layer up for Winter. A black square neck cami over a stripy long sleeved top could be cute? Anyway it's a while before winter so we should just enjoy the warmer months and square up! 
Quickest blog post ever! Not much else to say really. Here are some of my favourites:
St Agni Dress
Celeste Tesoriero Top