Monday, 24 November 2014


I have a confession to make...
I have only just realised this in the last few minutes so this post is very spontaneous. 
I have an obsession with anything marble.

Now that you can rest easy, probably thinking that my confession was a whole lot more juicy that my marble fixation, I believe we need to address this situation.

For those who follow me on instagram (stellaws) you will be familiar with my regular flat lays on my marble bathroom bench top. I originally began to use this area as I wanted a large amount of space that wasn't wooden floorboards or the pavement outside. As I tried to photograph on other surfaces I was just not satisfied with the image and I think this was where my subconscious obsession began.

Slowly I have noticed marble bits and bobs appearing in shops and as a fashion print (not to be confused with the awful 'crackle' print that did its rounds). Even at my work we received a marble iPhone 5 cover in stock, but much to my horror my chubby little iPhone 4 wouldn't fit! I even considered upgrading not for the phone but for the cover - I have since been brought back to reality, but the thought still crosses my mind..

Marble has now entered by life and I can safely say it is my new favourite trend :)

Here are a few of my instagrams and other favourites:

Thursday, 13 November 2014

lwd - little white dress

So this past month has been a hectic one and as I sit down to write this I can happily say that I have finished my Arts Degree in History. Woohoo!
So what next?

Well right now I'm going to write a post on my new favourite summer essential the LWD - little white dress.
We all own a LBD (little black dress) but isn't it time for a LWD? Actually most of us will already own one without realising. As we all know that usual talk of a little black dress will never go out of fashion and you can wear it all year round blah blah, well the same rules apply for the LWD.

What I am trying to say is that for the warmer months its time to tell your LBD to step aside and let the LWD do the talking.

What is so fabulous about the little white dress is that:

1. It enhances your tan - who could say no to that!
2. It can be accessorised with ANY colour, even its own.
3. It can transition to sandals by day and heels by night
4. It is an ageless classic
5. And why do I need another reason - Go get yourself a LWD!