Friday, 27 May 2016


If you didn't already know, May has vanished and I have a new job in a political office. My fancy title is 'executive assistant'. Now I wouldn't call myself a political person, but I'm trying. I have even downloaded the ABC News app to listen to in the morning. Go me.

So basically I now have to wear corporate clothes. I was thrilled to have a new job, but lets be serious, one major bonus was a new wardrobe. But as you'll find out, workwear and I aren't the best of friends. 

I will now share with you my struggles of work wear:

  Firstly work pants - disaster. What I ideally want is a pair of long skinny work pants, but as a tall bum heavy woman, this is difficult. My major issue was the length. Everything was bloody cropped and by cropped I mean too short. Like too short that I can't even wear ankle boots too short. But I have over come this with loafers/ballet shoes. 
Another work pant issue was the 'bootleg' cut, when it claims to be skinny. I know different fabric is used, but come on, how hard can it be to find a skinny leg work pant that is actually tight around the ankle. (Asos Tall helped me there FYI).

Secondly the blouse - also a nightmare. My issue is that it sticks to me. No matter what the fabric, it is never a good look to have a top that is statically stuck to you. Haha I've just googled 'statically' to check the spelling and this was the definition = "(of an electric charge) having gathered on an object that cannot conduct a current."
This is so correct. My blouse was so stuck to my body that no current could be conducted! These are the things they don't tell you on the care label - Will stick to your body when static. My issue was that it's winter so I need to wear a coat to work, which means that when walking I warm up and when I take the coat off, it's like peeling the skin off a grape. So then I sit down at my chair and with my back against the chair it is stopping the 'current' and my blouse sticks better than a boogie to your finger.

Now this is not a good look when you have a white blouse and tight black pants as one gets a muffin. Now when the top is flowy, no muffin in sight, but when it's static, its like a bakery. 

Thirdly - Underwear. This is a real struggle as a VPL (visible panty line) is a no no in the office. So I've taken to a g string or the 'skimpy cut'. However when one is sitting down majority of the day it's quite possible that you might be cut in half, if you get my drift. I'm yet to master this. I will report back.

Now I'll leave you with that wonderful thought and show you some of my favourite workwear styles: