Tuesday, 7 November 2017


I'm just going to move on from the fact that I haven't done a blog post since MAY.

I'm fine thank you- no personal dramas or social media 'break'. I am back with my newest obsession - shells.

Yes I'm talking about seashells. This is the perfect little obsession for summer. I have kicked off my obsession with a seashell glasses chain for your sunglasses (see photo below). Hear me out.

Yes daggy old virgins wear these around their neck so their glasses are readily available at all times, but just think on Saturday afternoon freshly sunkissed from a day at the beach, then straight to an outdoor bar for cocktails with your sunglasses hanging around your neck. No?

My personal fav is a little DIY. Collecting shells from the beach with the little hole already naturally there and making your own bling. This brings back memories as a kid, using dads fluro measuring string to make necklaces with either a single shell, or if you were lucky enough to find a heap of shells (preferably the same size) to make a bulky back to back bracelet. So funky.

This probably won't be a huge take off trend, but it will be a little hobby for me over the summer. I shall keep my eyes peeled for creative shell accessories that I can make and wear, and I think you should too.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

five winter fabs

five winter fabs
1. mocha - my new fav. Ignore the 'seriously' look from the barista because this combo of a hot chocolate and coffee is the best invention ever. Heck - order a large it's the first day of bloody Winter!
2. the hair tuck - tis the season. If you don't know what this is - be educated here.
3. dark nails - this is your chance to embrace your dark side. I'd opt for a deep red over a black but whatever suits your soul (I'm an Aries).
4. sparkly socks - this is on my 'to buy' list and seeing as it's June 1, imma head on over to Gorman and cross that off my list.
5. hot ted - your bed time routine isn't complete without warming up hot ted in the microwave as a cosy snuggle buddy. Judge as much as you like but a heat pack in the shape of a teddy = instant sweet dreams.


Wednesday, 10 May 2017


 New crush alert = anything fluffy

Since my last post on everyday jewellery, I bought myself a new ring and then somehow on my walk from work to home I bloody lost it didn't I!
Anyway it's getting colder in my neck of the woods so this is a very timely crush (aren't they all).

This post won't be for everyone. Exibit A: my housemate saw my latest instagram and was like "oh you didn't buy the knit with the fury arms did you, I hate that".
But whatevs Inga, I love that knit and I will wear it despite you!

tip1: all the colours, but never all at once
tip2: don't invest - this trend won't stay
tip3: embrace the fluff, yolo?

This is really just a fun post and a fun crush so who cares what you look like in a pom pom knit, if you love it - you'll rock it.

Here are some of my favourites:

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

everyday jewellery

Don't panic but I've found a hole in my blog - jewellery.

Now as some of you may know I do not have my ears pierced (much to my mother's satisfaction), so I can eliminate earrings as a jewellery option in this post.

I want to talk about my new love for the everyday jewellery aka - the type that you never take off. It fake tans with you, showers with you, washes up with you - that type.

If you're a little bit lazy then the everyday jewellery is perfect for you.
Tip 1: Invest - there is nothing worse than a green festy looking ring.

Tip 2: Simple it is. Sorry, but a chunky wooden ring doesn't cut it for the everyday. It just isn't practical and away with the long pendants.

Tip 3: Know your ring size. This makes things 100% easier when shopping online. It's worth going into your closest jewellery store and asking them for help. Could even pretend you're about to get engaged or you could say that you've read Stella's blog post and need to measure all your fingers.

Never fear, I am also yet to master the perfect everyday jewellery combo but recently I inherited some of my late grandmother's rings and I have currently been wearing a white gold one layered with my other rings. The necklace I wear a Tiffany and Co Smile Pendant (that coincidently Mum and I both bought each other for Christmas). For bracelets I have one silver bangle and some fine silver bracelets. As you can tell silver is a theme.

I am a silver girl, I said see you later gold, it wasn't good enough for me
- oh my god shut up Stella you loser. Here are some of my current favs:

 Adornmonde - Legolas Silver Star Choker

Adornmonde - Lazlo Silver Necklase Set

Lucy Folk - Spritz Ring White Gold

Lucy Folk - Relic Ring Silver

Lucy Folk - Green Hues Ring White Gold
random images:



Monday, 6 February 2017

the square neck

Yeah yeah Happy New Year and all that jazz.
Now moving on. February is under way and I have a new fashion crush - the square neckline. 
Yesterday all my online orders arrived at once (retail therapy on point) and ironically two things had a square neckline and it got me thinking.
My first purchase was a khaki linen dress from St Agni and the second was a white bell sleeve top from Celeste Tesoriero. Love. Either in a top or a dress this is definitely a fun trend. Although all these photos below are summer themed, you could definitely layer up for Winter. A black square neck cami over a stripy long sleeved top could be cute? Anyway it's a while before winter so we should just enjoy the warmer months and square up! 
Quickest blog post ever! Not much else to say really. Here are some of my favourites:
St Agni Dress
Celeste Tesoriero Top


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

the mid heel, again

So this is my 40th blog post and two years of footprintsinflorence.

So after my bad mood this morning, that food has not suprisingly managed to fix, I am feeling much more motivated.
I have also just discovered something that is better than a Fererro Rocher - its brother Ferrero Rondnoir. Seriously you must try it - tis the season.

Now as it is my 40th post I thought that it would be acceptable to repeat myself. Also I should add that as my blog is called footprintsinflorence it is only fitting that I talk about shoes right?
 In August 2014 I wrote about the mid heel, and now I'm going to write about them again. When I wrote in 2014 it was to do with one pair of shoes in particular, where as now I'm talking about them as a whole.

You can be standing dancing for hours.

Your feet won't ache.

You can walk faster.

You won't feel uber dressed up.

You can walk dance ankle-roll free.

You won't feel like a giareffeesk giant like I do in super high heels *but note to self must find tall man asap so I can wear super high high heels and feel giraffe free.


Here are some of my favourites with their links:

 Here are just some more favs 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

the eye

Those who know me know that I am a list maker and every weekend guaranteed 'write blog post' in on my list. But then the weekend happens, alcohol happens, hangover happens and I'm back to where I started. But for reals I am writing this blog post now.

I don't know why I haven't written about this before but eyes, I have a total love of eyes. Okay that sounded better in my head but hear me out. I'm mainly talking about accessories but clothes too.

 All throughout history the eye has been symbolised differently in different cultures but it can be concluded that they all have something in common, in that the eye is used as a force to watch over humanity. Woah your essay writing days are over Stella, but as a fellow history student this is interesting no?

I would say that I am a somewhat superstitious person but the history of the Greek evil eye is fascinating. This curse is transmitted when someone gives you 'the evil eye' wishing misfortune and illhealth upon you. The Greeks protect themselves from this by keeping some sort of eyeball symbol close to them either in the home or workplace or in a piece of jewellery. It is meant to stare back to the world to ward off the evil eye curse.

My old faithful wallet from A-ESQUE is probably my favourite - eyelashes included. I think when anything has a face on it it just reminds me of a little friend. Lame but true.

Anyway they have been catching my eye alot recently (hehe). These photos will help you understand:


This is old faithful from Aesque.