Tuesday, 21 March 2017

everyday jewellery

Don't panic but I've found a hole in my blog - jewellery.

Now as some of you may know I do not have my ears pierced (much to my mother's satisfaction), so I can eliminate earrings as a jewellery option in this post.

I want to talk about my new love for the everyday jewellery aka - the type that you never take off. It fake tans with you, showers with you, washes up with you - that type.

If you're a little bit lazy then the everyday jewellery is perfect for you.
Tip 1: Invest - there is nothing worse than a green festy looking ring.

Tip 2: Simple it is. Sorry, but a chunky wooden ring doesn't cut it for the everyday. It just isn't practical and away with the long pendants.

Tip 3: Know your ring size. This makes things 100% easier when shopping online. It's worth going into your closest jewellery store and asking them for help. Could even pretend you're about to get engaged or you could say that you've read Stella's blog post and need to measure all your fingers.

Never fear, I am also yet to master the perfect everyday jewellery combo but recently I inherited some of my late grandmother's rings and I have currently been wearing a white gold one layered with my other rings. The necklace I wear a Tiffany and Co Smile Pendant (that coincidently Mum and I both bought each other for Christmas). For bracelets I have one silver bangle and some fine silver bracelets. As you can tell silver is a theme.

I am a silver girl, I said see you later gold, it wasn't good enough for me
- oh my god shut up Stella you loser. Here are some of my current favs:

 Adornmonde - Legolas Silver Star Choker

Adornmonde - Lazlo Silver Necklase Set

Lucy Folk - Spritz Ring White Gold

Lucy Folk - Relic Ring Silver

Lucy Folk - Green Hues Ring White Gold
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