Sunday, 12 July 2015

navy and green

I have a new favourite combination and no it's not vegemite and cheese but that stuff is truly wonderful!

It's the colour combination of navy and green (but not just any green, it has to be a vibrant or emerald green, not khaki green because nobody has time for that colour anymore..). This is actually really easy to wear because everyone already owns something navy and then just add a green clutch or even a scarf to do the trick.

Now I'm sure you are probably wondering how I came across this splendid combo. Well as you might not know but last month I was travelling around Europe and short story short I bought a dress in Cos (see below) and ever since I've noticed these colours popping up around the place.

This was such a good purchase, I basically wore this dress every second day (I did wash it I promise!) An A line t-shirt dress with a pop of colour is ideal for evening or day time - the perfect dress really! It did come in white as well, but I thought that might be a little risky, even my napkin trick couldn't help me!*

So these are some of my favourite navy and green combinations:

*the napkin trick is where you tuck one corner of the napkin into your top and then the bottom of the diamond shape underneath your plate and viola you have a little dip that catches all your food. Yes I am aware - never do this on a first date, my friends have told me!! But then again isn't that better then a pasta stain on your pants... shut up Stella.