Thursday, 25 June 2015

traveling trends

So this is exciting because I'm writing a blog post from Spain!
As I'm away for the whole month of June I didn't want to skip a post so I've decided to write about the trends that I've noticed from each country I've been to. 

In Ireland the first thing I noticed was how well dressed all the men were! Compared to back home anyway. For me shoes are a deal breaker (always judge a guy by their shoes) and whether they were desert boots or some form of Nike or Adidas sneaker or a boot, they always looked presentable. 
Everywhere we went there was about 5 men's shops to 1 women's shop and as a result the women looked pretty damn plain!

In England we were only in London and to be honest we probably didn't see that many locals because London in the summer is probably 80% tourists! We went into all the main shops but I can buy much of the same brands at home or online. What was huge was 70s suede flare style and denim, lots of denim. It's interesting the first time but then after 15 shops of the same stuff it is frustrating. And with the pound being double the Aussie dollar it really wasn't worth it. 

We then went to Paris for the day as usual the women all looked very well presented. Lots of short bob cuts and espadrilles.

We then made our way down to Spain and I instantly saw a difference in the shopping. Especially in Madrid there are many more boutiques and local shops. Sunglasses are everywhere in masses. There are no cat eye shapes anywhere (I know this because that shape suits my face), so I've had to settle for round ones which I actually really like. There are lots of mirrored styles which I personally dislike but they look groovy on the right person. They are also quite small so anyone with a big face might need to opt for a different style. 

We then went across to Portugal and to be honest I didn't really get a good chance to go shopping as we were on a tour but we didn't get stuck in a rain downpour and had to run into an accessory shop (how convenient) and there is the usual tacky crap but also cute tassel necklases and dainty woven pieces. Another good thing about this area of the world is the markets. Amazing baskets and mosiaics, a little awkward to bring home but definitely worth it if you have the room.

Our next stop was Tangier in Morocco. The thing that stood out to me (apart from the seedy staring men) was Birkenstocks. They were everywhere and all the kids were wearing them in a range of colours from orange to lime green. I should have bought mine in Tangier they would have been much cheaper!

Our next stop is Italy so I'll have to keep you posted on the Italian trends. We need to be ahead for this summers trends. 

Ps: sorry no photos xx